How Stress Can Sabotage Weight Loss and Cause Weight Gain and Obesity

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  • Published date: January 21, 2019
    • Bronx, Bronx, Nevada, United Kingdom

Here I go on about stress again but it is such a huge cause of a lot of disorders and weight problems as well, that I feel not enough is said about it.
You should know what your lifestyle does to your health and how you can combat the symptoms and cause. Prevention is still better than cure the last time I looked. Stress affects many normal hormonal and other secretions in the body which in turn can cause more biological stress through disruptions of chronological cycles such as the sleep or circadian cycle. You have to understand that this is a very simplified overview of a very complex science. I am sure you don't want to read through volumes of scientific data to understand what makes you put on weight. I just want you to understand the basic principles and the reason I quote stress as a cause. The most relevant substances and hormones affected by stress, that has an effect on your weight is: Serotonin (not a hormone) which controls your appetite. Ghrelin, the hormone that gives you an appetite and the hormone cortisol which is the most misused or abused in the industry. Everybody use cortisol as some magic name or substance that is at the base of obesity but cortisol is just a hormone that is supposed to counter normal stress like fight or flight, the adrenaline pumping response to stimuli such as sudden danger or fright. It also has quite a few other functions.

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