What Do I Need to Do to Jump Higher?

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  • Published date: January 21, 2019
    • Bronx, Bronx, Nevada, United Kingdom

What do I need to do to jump higher This is a question quite common amongst basketball players and volleyball players. You need to concentrate on all the aspects of your jumping ability to really see results. The reason why most people don't see any results even after training for months is because they neglect a lot of aspects that are responsible for jumping higher. Form and balance are probably the most important aspect of jumping. Ever seen a 7 year old kid try to jump They don't have balance, and they don't have the correct form and the result is there jump is shaky and they are never able to jump high enough. Compare that to professional basketball players. There jump is controlled and balanced. As a result they are able to jump much higher. While playing a certain sport, you usually adapt the jumping technique that is required and your form is generally built with time. However, it is a good idea to get a reality check. Watch the videos of basketball players or volleyball players jumping (depending on which sport you play). And then get a friend to tape you while you are jumping. Compare your jumping action with the professionals and find out if your jumping form is right or not. Once you know what is wrong, start working on it slowly your jumping form will be perfect.


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